Wear It Wednesday: How to Properly Cuff Your Sleeve


Did you know that you’ve been cuffing your sleeves wrong all this time? Well, not necessarily wrong, but I have an easier, more chic way to cuff your sleeves – and I’m going to show you today! It has actually been doted as the “J.Crew look” because it’s perfectly messy, yet put together. If you ever look at the mannequins in a J.Crew store, or glance at their editorial pictures, you’ll notice that their cuffed sleeves are the messy top knots of sleeve rolling – how is it so effortlessly chic?! Well today I’ll be showing you an easy way to cuff your sleeve that will stay rolled all day, plus instantly make an outfit even more fashionable.

Follow the steps to perfect your sleeve cuff! xo




STEP 1: Start with sleeves unrolled and unbuttonedsimplyaudreekate_0379

STEP 2: Fold sleeve in half so the inner part of the cuff hits right above or below your elbowsimplyaudreekate_0386

STEP 2: Fold/roll the sleeve again. Make sure to leave some of the cuff sticking out


STEP 3: Tug corner of cuff. This helps the overall cuff appear a little undone (but not messy)


STEP 4: Scrunch! You can either leave the cuff at your elbows, or scrunch up for a more casual look




Viola! Now you’re done and have mastered the fashionable “J.Crew cuff”. You’re welcome.




I also found these on Pinterest to help! You can follow my ‘Styling Tips and Tricks‘ board for more styling hacks like today’s post!

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.58.01 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.40.10 PM

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