Stop, It’s Pumpkin Time!


It’s not really fall until you decorate pumpkins, right? On Saturday, Andie, Kayla and I designated our afternoon to crafting pumpkins. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done crafts and I always forget how much longer everything takes when you’re a perfectionist like I am. For.Ev.Er (“Sandlot” reference anyone?). We started by pre-gaming with hot cocoa and Oreos, the appropriate fuel before intense crafting, and set out to try and be Pinterest stars. I found this amazing picture (see below by Just Destiny) on Pinterest and used that as my inspiration. Andie was a rockstar at her mini succulent pumpkin and Kayla, soon-to-be Mrs. W, made a sweet monogram pumpkin for her new apartment with her fiancé.

I hope you enjoy our attempt at going outside of our typical fashion blog routine and make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts this month on their pumpkin recaps. And maybe you’ll see me crafting more during Christmas (I should probably start now…)



  • White and Gold craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tracing paper (I used gift tissue paper instead)
  • Sharpie




  1. Clean pumpkin
  2. Paint 2-3 coasts of white paint and let dry
  3. trace saying on tracing paper (I used tissue paper since I had it on-hand)
  4. Place tracing paper on pumpkin and trace with sharpie
  5. Draw over transferred lines with sharpie again for thicker lines
  6. Tape design around pumpkin stem (I did triangles/vines)
  7. Paint 2 coats of gold paint
  8. Let completely dry before removing tape




SAK.HELLOFALL8c/o: Kayla’s Five Things

SAK.HELLOFALL9c/o: Gingersnap




2 thoughts on “Stop, It’s Pumpkin Time!

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