Smart Shopping


I have a few favorite words when I’m shopping but two of my favorites are, “Sales Rack”, and I can’t be the only one right? I love a good sale, thrift store or even finding online deal sites. Today I decided to change up my typical outfit post and talk about smart shopping. I grew up only shopping clearance ranks, it honestly is my instinct to walk immediately to the back of the store, rummage through sales racks, and if I can’t find anything there, onto the next sale. So yes, I totally understand that when I limit myself to a clearance rack I miss 90 percent of the store, especially new inventory but here’s the reasoning:

I love shopping. I would go shopping probably every day if I could but there are consequences, especially when you’re on a budget. Most inventory on the floor is marked up for sales reasoning so when you’re paying 50 dollars for a shirt, it only cost a fraction of that to make it, and it almost always gets marked down, on a clearance rack, or I can find a cheaper option. Now I’m not saying it’s not worth the $50 because of labor and supply chain, all I’m saying is to be cautious of what you pay for items and that is why I try and shop smart. I tend to invest in staple pieces in my closet, for example this dress is from Express and I spent more than I normally ever would but it’s reversible and I wear it at least once a week. And then on the other hand, my funky items or seasonal pieces, I wait until they are cheap, in an off-season or on sale. Now this works for me because I get sick of my items so quickly and love switching things up but if you are the type of person to have a few items in your closet and don’t spill coffee or salsa on your outfit daily, then I suggest investing in key items! Either way, if you like investing or finding the best deal, here are 5 tips and tricks I have learned on how to shop smart:

1. Check the clearance rack first
Fast-fashion stores (i.e. F21 and H&M) will have similar items on the floor AND clearance rack so save some money and buy the clearance version.

2. Buy expensive seasonal items in the off-season
Buy your coats, winter boots, bikinis, shorts or any item that is a seasonal thing when the season is changing. I have scored a couple super high quality peacoats when spring is approaching. And although I have to wait a few months to wear it, I only paid a fraction of the price

3. Shop Around
Do your research before you pay a lot of money on an item. On Instagram this weekend I posted a picture of these faux leather slip-ons that I found at H&M for $10. Last summer they were new on the market and some of my friends were paying over $100 for similar pairs. I waited and shopped around and finally came across these in the clearance area when shopping one day and am SO happy I waited for this ridiculous bargain.

4. Do the math
Ugh sorry I just made shopping sound boring, but this will help you steer clear of impulse buys. For example if you’re contemplating a pair of new heels that are $200, factor how many times a month you will wear the heels. If you say 2 times, that means you are paying $100 each time you wear them, but if they will be your office staple and you will wear them twice a week (8 times a month) you’re only paying $25 each time you wear them – much better investment! This helps me really decide between impulse fast fashion purchases (which I used to be SO bad about) to adding quality items to your closet that you will get good use out of.
(Also side note, this has made me buy almost everything lately in neutrals… but hey, it’s versatile.)

5. Be a coupon queen
When I shop for real-life items like electronics or furniture I turn into huge coupon queen and I am constantly looking for the best deal. There are a handful of coupon or promo websites so I typically just google for a coupon for the item before purchasing it but I was recently introduced to Chameleon John, which is your go to place for online coupons, promo codes and daily deals of your favorite products! For example you can get promo codes for Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Overstock and Birchbox (yes dreams do come true). So if you love getting a deal on just about anything, especially clothes, definitely use a site like Chameleon John for next purchase!

Now that I have shared a few #SAKapproved secrets I am going to compare two outfits. The first is this gorgeous collection below featuring Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin and Valentino, but the entire outfit costs $2,746, YIKES (sorry I’m not that type of blogger) but then it’s compared to the outfit I’m wearing today which cost $69.50, still more expensive that most of my outfits but a huge sigh of relief. Scroll below to compare the pricing of the outfits and I added a NEW SURPRISE to the blog and you can show shop my outfit (or a very similar one) below! Just click on the links and you can immediately buy the item.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.45.10 PM


Alexander Wang Short Dress = $345 | Alexander Wang Oversized Wool Vest = $795 |Valentino Rockstud leather belt = $455 |  Bloomingdales Platform Mules = $172 | Christian Louboutin Loubibow Clutch = $895 | Lucky Brand Cuff Bracelet = $55 | Lucky Brand Turquoise Ring = $29 {total = $2,746}

untitled-42Express dress = $29 | thrifted vest = $0.50 | Ross Belt = $2 | BCBG Clutch = $20 | Goodwill Heels = $4 | solid silver thrifted cuff = $6 | Wired Charlotte Russe cuff = $5 | Amazon ‘turquoise’ ring = $3 {total = $69.50}









untitled-88Dress (Express) | Vest (thrift) | Belt (Ross) | Clutch (BCBG) | Cuff (Rag-o-Rama) | Rings (Amazon) | Heels (Goodwill)

Hair by: dollface salon and spa
Post sponsored by: Chameleon John

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.07.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.24.21 AM

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