Girl Boss

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It’s a high of 104 degrees in Phoenix right now and no chance of clouds… it must be officially summer! Happy June everyone, I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by. I’m currently in the process of sprucing up cover letters, resumes and portfolios, but more importantly, dressing like an adult (at least pretending in today’s outfit). This past year has been a huge transition in my closet, I’ve started appreciating staple items more and shopping more simplistic. I base most of my purchases on versatility (how many times or ways I can wear the item), the quality and longevity. It’s also on my plan to help decrease my closet because moving is an absolute pain when 95% of your stuff is your closet! But with that, I never forget to shop smart – this vintage Liz Claiborne Β dress was only 50 cents but it’s in great condition! I am planning a blog post later this week or next week about smart shopping, how I’m so successful with thrift shopping, and all of my tricks of the trade. So happy Monday and wish me luck on pretending to be an adult!

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Dress (Vintage Liz Clairborne) | Shoes (Steve Madden) | Belt & Clutch (thrifted) | Watch (Michael Kors) | Sunglasses (Charlotte Russe)

Photos by: Dream Photography Studio

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