Phoenix Fashion Week’s Shop Garment District


With less than 48 hours off of a plane, I kicked off my travels back to Arizona with Phoenix Fashion Week Shop Garment District. I was so excited to see the Phoenix fashion community again and learn more about the upcoming designers for fall fashion week. Check out my previous posst from the designer announcement and model announcement to see who will be participating in fall fashion week. A huge thank you to Salon Eclectic for doing my hair and makeup for the event and once again,  thank you to Phoenix Fashion Week for the amazing seats!! It was such a fun show and below are some of my favorite picks from the runway and I can’t wait to see the full lines in October!

IMG_0948 IMG_0896 IMG_0915IMG_095110612712_10152292521848441_3880380373974584578_n10522612_683270508413998_9041958900706814573_n10480999_683271228413926_123196881178424865_n10480999_683271185080597_6204461445968098769_n10487424_683279798413069_2692298137255118161_n10570493_683273041747078_8996375456338617456_n10600379_683281928412856_6351127258969346743_n10446678_683282255079490_8822307068191270243_n10306079_683277278413321_3101601811188156590_n10406705_683277391746643_545921570570939179_n10460784_683282781746104_2405982998827651148_n10524742_683278708413178_7405379193497404894_n10480979_683284938412555_8172714774936914107_n10593184_683284608412588_7882631882292828971_n10257227_683284871745895_4687136769421876042_n10613036_683278335079882_1415726621944133869_n10547499_683281101746272_2295792750601839942_n1501785_683281365079579_2057445212009402831_n

photography by: Rosemary Woods, Desert Rose Images

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.50.05 PM

One thought on “Phoenix Fashion Week’s Shop Garment District

  1. Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know how absolutely amazing I think you are! I have been following you all summer through your blog and Instagram, and it is so fun to see all the incredible things you have been doing in your internship in New York! You are seriously living the dream life this summer, with the perfect internship in the perfect place! It’s amazing to see how far you have come! I also highly respect you for creating this wonderful blog and for sticking to it, and for putting so much work into it that you are now able to use it as a tool to help build your career. It is truly admirable what are you doing! I wish you the best of luck with everything. I know you will go so far and will make an impact in the fashion industry! 🙂

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