Summer Wedding Attire ft. Paul Fredrick

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It’s no doubt that summer is the biggest wedding season. With weekends packed with family events, formal dinners, and weddings to attend, the biggest question is how to dress for these events, but with Paul Fredrick menswear, they are prepared to help your man be the best-dressed person at the party (next to you, of course).

When Paul Fredrick’s content team asked yours truly for some advice about what to wear for summer weddings, I immediately agreed and am here today to answer their questions and share them with you!

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What’s your go to shirt color or patterns for summer weddings?
Gingham and seersucker are perfect patterns for summer weddings! You can find them in a variety of colors and it’s fun to mix them with a complimentary colored or patterned ties. Also I think blue is a great versatile shirt color for men because you can easily mix in pops of colors with your ties or jackets.

Do you go with a long sleeve or short sleeve dress shirt?
To compromise the heat during the summer wear a long sleeve dress shirt but you can roll up your sleeves to your elbow. This will look much more polished than a short sleeve dress shirt but still summer appropriate.

Do you prefer to go with a three piece or a two piece suit?
I absolutely love a classic three-piece suit. I find it so stylish and it really shows that the man took that little bit extra effort to complete his outfit. Three-piece suits are really coming back into style so I recommend investing in one for special occasions.

What’s trending for dress-wear in your area?
Gingham and bow ties are hot commodities right now. Both are so clean and simple but can really embellish the overall look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints or colors either. Go beyond your typical black, white and gray and have fun with colors, especially during the summer!

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Do you try to compliment your dates outfit?
I think it’s great when dates compliment each other! If his tie matches with her dress or she incorporates his shirt color with her shoes or accessories, it makes for an awesome duo and even more picture worthy.

What’s the appropriate dress length?
Right above the knee or right below. Too short can cause issues on the dance floor or while sitting and anything too long will get in the way. As long as your can sit comfortably for the ceremony and also have fun on the dance floor, you should be good to go!

What color or pattern?
Floral is a must for summer; you don’t have to worry about adding a bunch of colorful accessories or matching the bride. Floral is definitely a recommendation I have for guests or to stick with simple patterns and colors. Nothing too loud and absolutely no white!

Make sure to check out the blog post featured on Paul Fredrick for more details on how to dress for summer weddings and below are featured some of my favorite looks from their summer collection and also my women’s style choices to match! Also follow Paul Fredrick on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with their summer collection!

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