1 Year. 365 Days. 365 Different Outfits.

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Exactly one year ago today I made a resolution. The first resolution I’ve actually been able to accomplish I might add. This resolution was out of spontaneity, a challenge by my sister, and an accountability method to help myself blog regularly. That resolution was to wear a different outfit everyday for an entire year. I could in fact repeat items in my closet (my favorite nude flats and striped chambray button-up definitely made re-appearances through the year), but I could never repeat an entire outfit. ‘So you must go shopping a lot and spend a lot of money’ are the next questions you probably would ask, and the answer is no. Yes shopping trips were inevitable but I’m a huge bargain freak. I love thrifting, sale racks and DIY projects.
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The end result of this tedious project was to showcase that style doesn’t have to be name brand or extravagant. If you read the outfit details on the page you will see that a majority of my clothes, and my favorite pieces, are thrifted or under my typical $20 limit. So what did I learn from this resolution?

1. No more 365 day challenges.

2. It was difficult to not re-wear the same items.

3. Setting up my tripod or asking people to take pictures daily were the hardest parts.

3. I did not wear about 60% of my closet during the year (ooops)

4. I absolutely loved it.

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Are you an outfit repeater? Don’t worry, me too. I have an unruly attachment to certain pieces in my closet. These pieces would be repeated almost too frequently but they are staple items that every closet should have. So after 365 days I really hammered out the essentials for every women’s closet.

The 25 staple items you actually need in your closet:

  1. Dark wash blue jeans
  2. Black jeans
  3. Jean shorts (I prefer high waisted)
  4. Black maxi skirt
  5. Neutral colored ย blazer (Black or Creme)
  6. Jean vest or jacket
  7. Chambray button up
  8. Black and Creme tank tops
  9. Plaid button up
  10. Nautical striped tee
  11. Loose boyfriend v-neck tee
  12. Graphic tee (I love my harley davidson one from my dad)
  13. Chunky sweater (a creme color is the most versatile)
  14. Sundress
  15. Army Green vest or jacket
  16. A watch
  17. Statement necklace
  18. Turquoise bracelet or necklace
  19. Printed scarf (I make my own)
  20. Nude flats
  21. Black combat boots
  22. Black pumps
  23. Neutral t-strap sandal
  24. Brown satchel purse
  25. Nude clutch

My top outfits of the year:

DSC_164112 22 38 82 2 115 107 101 117 154 159 185 203 239 267 276 283 287 View More: http://imagesbyamber.pass.us/audree-arsena 325 331 332 343 352 354 360 363

Watch a video of all the outfits here on Vimeo:
Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.03.43 PM

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who helped me with this project- for the endless awkward moments in public when I drop everything in my arms and pose for an outfit picture, for taking almost too long to get dressed in fear I’ll repeat an item too often, and for the overused sayings “it’s for the blog” or “that outfit is SAK approved”.

Thank you the immense amount of support for Simply Audree Kate. 2013 has revolutionized my life. From being presented with incredible opportunities such as: ย media coverage for Phoenix Fashion Week events, a featured blogger in Angelic Magazine and stylist for their December issue, my personal meeting with the publisher of Teen Vogue, and most of all- helping define who SAK really is, I could not of had a more monumental year in my life.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.59.19 PMSo all I have to say is, 2014 you better watch out, you’re about to get SAK’d.

Happy New Year!

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