Day 24: DIY Gift Wrapping

For some people, Christmas is all about making the packaging as fun as the present! For some, it’s all about the visual and then there’s some families that try to package all their presents around a theme.

The easiest way to be able to satisfy all of the above is – to make your own, of course!
Enter the world of Kraft. There are so many fabulous ways to customize your gift wrapping when you have some simple brown Kraft paper. (If brown isn’t your color- try some black wrapping paper instead!)
Β kraft
Customizing Kraft paper is one of the most fun ways to personalize your gift wrapping – all you need are some sharpies or paint pens, some bakers twine and some ribbons and voila! let the fun begin!
Some other fun details you could add to your presents are glitter dipped feathers, colorful yarn, washi tape, large buttons and more!
Happy Christmas Eve!
By Contributing Writer: Tasmia Khan

One thought on “Day 24: DIY Gift Wrapping

  1. These knock spots of my gift wrapping. Just put a post up about it with some pictures. You should creak it out. I’m looking for feedback.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Maybe for the next occasion I’ll try some of these other ideas.

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