Day 23: Christmas PJs

What pj’s you wear on Christmas are almost as important as the dress you wear to the Christmas parties. There will be lots of pictures with the family while you’re wearing them, and they have to be comfortable enough to lounge around all day in. These picks for holiday sleepwear are guaranteed to give you both comfort and cute pictures.

The classic flannel plaid set is a great choice; its soft, and warm, and like many other classic pieces, never goes out of style. You can change it up by wearing boxers with the top, or a t-shirt or tank with the bottoms, making it versatile. Target is a great place to find a set of these classics.

flannel pjs

Another great option is leggings and a graphic t-shirt. It can show some more personality, can be themed towards Christmas with the right t-shirt, and leggings are just great for lounging around the house all day. Target is a great place to find these, as is H&M and Forever 21.


If you live in a warmer area, you might want to opt for an oversized sleep shirt. They are soft, breathable, and since they are longer than the average t-shirt, are still completely appropriate to wear around family (just make sure to cross your legs)! Victoria’s Secret has a great selection of them.

 vs sleep shirt

The final pj’s that I would recommend for the Holidays is a onesie. You may laugh and think I’m crazy, but its true. Onesies are soft, and warm, so perfectly comfortable, and think about the great family photos if everyone gets one. Bonus, if you get the footsie ones, you don’t have to wear socks or slippers! You can find these basically anywhere, but I like the Victoria’s Secret PINK ones.

onsie lopezs

Speaking of slippers, moccasins are great. They usually have regular soles like shoes, so you won’t slip, they are stylish, keep your feet warm, and work great with most pjs. Another option is if you order from Victoria’s Secret for you Holiday pj’s, you usually get a pair of slippers that match your pj set for free.


vs slippers

So snuggle up in a comfy pair of pj’s, and Merry Christmas!

By Contributing Writer: Sammi Nutt

Photos Courtesy of Target, Victoria’s Secret, Audree Kate, and Sammi Nutt

     Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.18.59 PM

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