Day 22: Stocking Stuffers

           stocking stuffers

In addition to all the fabulous presents you’re going to be giving and receiving, another Christmas tradition is hanging stockings! Now, it’s a tad bit harder to stuff stockings for a girl in her teens, early twenties or anything beyond that. Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas that will hopefully inspire you all.

For the fashionista, a piece of jewelry such a simple necklace or a gorgeous statement necklace is perfect! Or one of the thousands of chunky or simple bracelets. If she’s into rings, these are a fabulous accessory to put in the stocking as well. If she’s more into scarves than jewelry then you can go wrong with a cute printed scarf or infinity scarf. Just think of what the person’s style and go along with that.


You can never go wrong with a few small beauty product sets such as nail polish, lip gloss, eye shadow palettes, or anything else you can think of.

lip gloss


naked palettebobbi

One super cute and fun idea is one egg or a set of the EOS lip balm. These are so cute and come in countless colors and flavors. I recently bought one myself and I use it every single day. If their inner fashionista calls for lipgloss or lipstick instead, have no fear! These are easy to find and if you don’t want to buy these old brands, there are tons of gorgeous holiday sets out there. Same goes for nail polish, which is another simple, yet wonderful. You can never go wrong with a few small beauty product sets such as nail polish, lip gloss, or anything else you can think of.


 If the person just isn’t into beauty products or fashion at all, though, you can never go wrong with candy or some gift cards to their favorite places.


If you’re looking for something fun but not boring and typical, go find a quick sweet scented candle or a deck of cards. Think outside the box!

sparkly candle

For the writer, maybe get them a notepad or mini notebook with a pack of gel pens.

For the athletic one, try one of the countless bracelets for athletes.

For the reader, a book light or super cute bookmark would work.

For the musician, some headphones in their favorite color, or a CD of a band or artist that they enjoy listening to is a great choice.

For a chocolate lover some candy from See’s Candies or Godiva.

For the coffee addict, Starbucks Via packets are great instant coffee mixes for the busy bee that is always on the go, but needs that daily coffee fix. They come in lots of flavors, and are compact enough to fit even in mini stockings.

starbucks via

A coffee mug cozy functions like the paper sleeve that you get at the coffee cups by keeping the coffee nice and warm, while not burning your hands, and its reusable! There are plenty of Etsy shops that sell these, or if you are really talented with crocheting/knitting, you could make one yourself!.


Christmas usually means cold weather, so why not give someone you care bout something to help keep them warm? Gloves, beanies, or the popular ear-warming headbands are a great choice, and can work for almost anyone on your Christmas list!

bow ear warmer

The possibilities are endless. Be creative with your ideas. Good luck to you all!

Happy holidays!

By Contributing Writer: Thy Nguyen

All Pictures are from Pinterest

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