Ryan Liu Photography Streetwear Photoshoot

Ryan Liu, a student at Arizona State University, specializes in Portraiture + Lifestyle + Headshot Photography, teamed up with SAK earlier this month for a fall streetwear photoshoot in Tempe, AZ. The theme was 90’s fall grunge with a modern indie twist.

A huge thank you to all the models, stylist assistants, and Ryan for an great collaboration! Check out some of my favorite outfits for this fall season below!

_MG_9805_MG_9465_MG_9457_MG_9492 (1)_MG_9555_MG_9568_MG_9581_MG_9823 _MG_9830 _MG_9831 _MG_9752 _MG_9796_MG_9637 _MG_9665_MG_9702 _MG_9721_MG_9848 _MG_9856 _MG_9862 _MG_9873 _MG_9880 _MG_9930 _MG_9893 _MG_9904 _MG_9909Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.30.57 PM


Thank you Carmen and Catt for being my stylist assistants for the shoot!


Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.50.05 PM

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