Recruitment Ready

I can already hear the clapping, snapping and chanting of sorority girls as recruitment begins this month! Long hours of preparation and anticipation from each sorority go into this long weekend, so how do you prepare as you go through rush this year?


First and foremost, keep an open mind. Things happens, opinions change and friends separate paths but everything falls into place in the end. Although you may be brushing up on your resume or how to ‘girl flirt’, we all know the real question running through every girl’s head when preparing for recruitment, “What do I wear?!” No worries ladies, although you might be nervous talking to hundreds of girls or making sure you pick the perfect house, Simply Audree Kate and her team have come up with some simple tips to help you make a memorable impression on your potential sisters. Also check out our story board of great recruitment ideas on Pinterest 

1. The 3 C’s: Classy, Cute, Conservative



Whether you’re wearing a dress, shorts, or heels, remember ladies, recruitment is a professional setting and you want to make sure the sorority remembers you for your personality and not your assets- so keep it covered!

2.  Bright Colors
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Truth: sometimes it’s hard to remember what each and every single girl who walks into the door says. Help them remember you by wearing a bright (not obnoxious) complimentary color to your skin tone.

3. Simple Patterns & Floral

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Keep things simple. Your outfit should be a great accessory and not a distraction. Floral is always feminine and  a great statement piece.

4. Comfort is Key



Although those 5in Steve Maddens are totes adorable in the store, will they still be cute after walking and standing in them all day long? Go for a comfy wedge, chunky heel or cute flat! Also make sure your skirt, dress or shorts are appropriate length when you walk or sit and that your clothes are loose enough to be comfortable!

5. Al Natural
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Stay Natural. Sororities want to see your pretty face, not necessarily the pound of colored eye shadow or smudged lipstick so keep quick fixes in your clutch like a compact mirror, gloss and blotting pads.

6. Tips and Toes


You will be shaking hundreds of hands through recruitment so it’s best to get your nails done that week and choose light shades or french.

7. Hair
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Avoid drastic cut or color changes right before recruitment- you want to feel your best self during that weekend. Use dry shampoo (Paul Mitchell) and good hairspray (Big sexy or Image from Sally Hansen) and choose a style that best compliments your personality and outfit.

8. Accessories
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Stick to minimal accessories to avoid major conversations distractions such a noisy bangles or jewelry overkill.

9. Keep it clean


Shower, rest, sanitize and hydrate to help keep your body clean and refreshed for a long weekend!!

10. Fall in love

Bid day is so close and it’s such an exciting day for you and your new home!! Take it all in, take pictures and make sure you’re well prepared for a new adventure


I wish you all a fabulous recruitment! Prepare for the longest, most exhausting and BEST weekend of your sorority experience.

xoxo Audree Kate

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