Wearable Wednesdays: The perfect cocktail dress

A cocktail dress can be one of the most difficult things to style from time to time- do you go for the tight body con dress or the family friendly Sunday dress. Find a happy medium! A cocktail dress is designed for fancier situations but make sure it completely embodies your personality and the event itself. This week I will be attending a cocktail dress event and am currently searching my closet for the perfect cocktail dress.

I love love love peplum outfits- not only are slimming at the waist but they cover that trouble area of hips and love handles (you know it’s true). In addition to a dress, pair it with a tailored blazer. This can make a great combination of going from the office to a cocktail hour with some close girlfriends.

The rules of a cocktail dress:

  1. Keep it covered – this is a formal event and you want to make sure all the necessities are fully covered and you look like a classy adult. 
  2. Keep it classy- darker colors are typically worn in cocktail settings so that neon club dress from Miami might not be the best idea
  3. Keep it memorable– in the midst of a large room with strangers, state your ‘hello’ with a killer outfit. Wear complimentary colors, fit and length according to your body.  

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