Wearable Wednesdays: 21st Birthday Dress

Recently I was introduced to Polyvore; and maybe I’m just behind the rest of the fashion world but it was so cool! I have always wondered how people put together those mood boards in magazines or Pinterest and figured you just have to be really good with photoshop or graphic design- wrong; even a newb like myself can do it!

If you’re wondering what Polyvore, let me enlighten you. Its an online social community website where members can curate products and put them into mood boards called ‘sets’. A lot of these boards end up on websites like Pinterest or fashion blogs. If you haven’t checked it out before, definitely do so!

I am testing out a new lookbook of these sets and they are called Wearable Wednesdays. Hopefully each Wednesday I will have a new board with a new theme. This week is in honor of my close girl friend, Lindsey Lucero. January 22nd was her BIG 21st Birthday!! She kindly asked me to help style her for her night on the town.

Gray with embellisments birthday dress: Express $20 (on sale from $60)
Black Tights: CVS
Black Booties: Dolce Vita from Dillards (clearance)
Black Necklace: Forever 21
Black Ring: H&M
Red Lipstick: Hourglass in Icon from Sephora

Check out the first Mood board and get Lindsey’s look:
Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think about the mood board on my facebook page!

xoxo Audree Kate

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